SokJok is a company that brings you Socks with the ultimate purpose!


Sokjok is a company with a mission! With every pair of socks sold, we give back to youth, schools, teams, clubs and other community-based organizations. Our positive messages weave determination, sustainability and renewable resources into each stitch of our clothing and every element of our company. Join us and become a conduit for social giving!

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Who is Sokjok?

SokJok Inc. is a unique sock company defined in being "on the assumption of a collective set of values and common good on behalf of another". It sets its philosophy to work in making a difference in communities.


Champion A Campaign

champion a campaign

SokJok Inc. is a Canadian company that strives for the best quality in our athletic performance socks, uniquely made with bamboo! Our socks are knit to last and bring to your feet the comfort they deserve and require to perform.

Know that when wearing a pair of SokJok socks your purchase has gone towards supporting youth in their aspirations in our company’s four pillars of Community, Arts, Sports and Academic programs (C.A.S.A). We have joined a partnership with C4M in the creation of the Socks in the Schools Program where leadership, learning and opportunities have been made possible and will continue to be made possible through direct and indirect funding.

We are 100% social enterprise, built around the values of accountability to our brand and passionate towards our purpose in making a difference.

Sokjok socks are the ultimate sock with purpose!

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What people are saying about Sokjok

Socks in the Schools engaged Business students and offered them a chance to practice leadership, project management, communication, Read More… critical thinking, and a wide variety of business skills throughout the planning and promotion of the program. Students experienced the challenges of a fast paced business project and experienced the exhilaration of a great number of successes. Numerous opportunities were available throughout the program to link the activities to course curriculum. Students were also inspired by Angella Goran's enthusiasm, accomplishments, and genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility!

SokJok aspires to empower athletes, connect with youth, and ultimately create a movement through top quality athletic wear with a purpose.

SokJok is about the connection to community. I am proud to be part of a company that cares about the world we live in, making conscious decisions to create its products in an eco-friendly way.

A corporate company who wants to support Olympic and amateur athletes. SokJok recognizes the passion required to pursue excellence in sport and the ability to transfer that back into the sporting community.

SokJok supports the pursuit of Canadian athletic excellence, charitable giving, and business skills in our youth.

It is very exciting to be a part of a company who shares a similar passion that I have. SokJok is not only a company with outstanding Read More… product, but a company that believes in the importance of giving back to the community. I believe that SokJok has tremendous potential and will greatly benefit from the collective experiences of all the athletes involved!

These socks out beat any sock product that we have been issued through the Military. They kept my feet dry, did not blister, Read More… held off odor for long periods of time and when washed they were ready to wear the next morning. Hope that this helps you with getting more socks on our Canadian soldier’s feet, they would make a difference and in knowing you want to create funds to give back to our reserves you have a good heart Ms. Goran, very unique in the business world. I wish you all the luck.

There are many ways to value an enterprise - some multiple of revenues/some multiple of earnings/what competitors sold for/growth Read More… potential/numbers of clients/... But at the end of the day, every investment is an act of faith, primarily in the quality of the people involved. I look forward to the day when SokJok, led by Angella Goran takes its place amongst the top specialty sports performance apparel companies.

Our Impact So Far

$10,000 raised

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Our Partners support us all the way

Find out more about how Sokjok is involved and how you can become a supporting partner.

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